kawaii girls just wanna have fun

kawaii girls just wanna have fun

we hit up the local skate park for a morning of shreddin’ and denim appreciation. inspired by the 70’s dog town daze gone by with shades of 90’s nirvana blues & created for the adventurer + treasure collector in mind.

our denim buckets are designed to throw over cross body - so it does not interfere with flower pickin’, skatin’ + jumpin’ into muddy puddles.   

made with love in bali + then stonewashed locally here in oz to a shade reminiscent of the 90’s that we like to call nirvana blue. super soft and worn so it looks + feels like you’ve had it forever ever. 

highly recommended for a dash of dog town style vibes -
  • throw in a side braid
  • a dash of ‘tude 
  • vintage bandanas worn tied around the strap or wrist (extra points for around the forehead a la’ hendrix)
  • socks pulled high as can be

skate don’t hate.  skate & appreciate denim. 

x x kl x x 
location :: mona vale skate park
threads by ::
vintage levi’s
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