the kawaiian lion team are constantly evolving the production process to create beautiful products for your home without costing the earth.

we create our pieces in small batches in factories in our neighbouring countries of bali & india & south china and finish our products locally in australia.

leather pieces are all custom made pieces in small quantities & produced from animal by-product in indonesia. our leather craftsman cipto is based in bali & a family man we visit regularly.

printing & screen printing happens locally in australia. we use independent printers based in wa & nsw to print our artwork on quality paper sourced from farmed forests.

canvas our hardy flags are produced in south china with an australian chinese family owned factory. we liase with our maker tina on a daily basis & at least once a year meet her & her family in hong kong for yum cha and visit the fabric markets. 

crochet & embroidery detail is an important character to kawaiian pieces. our indian maker anu comes from the small town of larnal outside of new delhi & finds local ladies to hand knit our crochet styles when their baes have gone to bed. 

linen our linen bedding is made from french flax & manufactured in south china. all our linen pieces are stonewashed so they are super soft  & ready to throw on when you receive them.

denim is synonymous to the kawaiian brand. our signature denim styles are made overseas & then finished these here in australia with an old skool wash house in sydney.  these guys have been stonewashing jeans since the 70's & proclaim they were the ones to bring acid wash in the 80's into popularity.

we love super worn out denim so we often use recycle vintage jeans that are pre-loved & washed from natural wear to create our homewares.

dyeing is apart of the making process we do on a small scale & where possible we will source vegetable dyes to produce our kawaiian colours. 

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