kl x chasing unicorns

kl x chasing unicorns

band leader + unicorn chaser + mama to phoenix & sky & tala & coda 

sarah is a true original. a vintage lady lover from way back before vintage got all vibin’ again. she’s a crochet clad lady who lives on a bus in the byron hinterland with her four baes + husband + horses in tow. yup, thats right. a bus. a bus that comes straight outta the set of almost famous - but instead of belligerent rock stars, its a bus filled with free-range long haired babes and a vintage collection filled with embroidery, lace + velvet that would make jimi hendrix roll over in his rock grave.

so when she asked us to join her on the magical unicorn ride - she had us at hell-o yeah. 

we stole a couple minutes from sarah - the designer + band leader of chasing unicorns - to find out a little more about this multi-talented mama who knows how to make every minute and every dress up day count. 

q + a with sarah phoenix

my favourite outfit as a kid was…

plastic sparkly jelly sandals. if you were alive in 1983 you would know what i mean! also a fancy lacy dress that i wore every day until it was all brown and torn and then i just kept on wearing it!

the lyrics that play on my mind are always from bob dylan. coda only sleeps to screeching harmonica at the moment. no sh**. but i do love his lyrics so i don’t ever mind. 

i am extremely drawn to and inspired by the 70s

i have learnt that boys like to wrestle. non-stop.

mick or keith? keith

kurt or dave? kurt

ernie or bert? ernie

the best thing about livin’ on a bus :: is it forces us all to be outdoors all the time as there is really no indoors.

my fave kawaiian piece is my beloved canvas war is dumb! peace flag.

my mama always told me to treat people the way i want to be treated.

i always tell my babies that i love them - no matter what. 

x x 

photographer / sari sharpe


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