monday muse :: laura l from kinga csilla

monday muse :: laura l from kinga csilla

say aloha to laura liles 

monday muse | mama to daff & abe | design director @kinga_csilla

say aloha to our seriously (but not serious) good mate laura. our history with laura goes way way back to the daze of one teaspoon where our designer dee & lau bonded over their love for distressed denim & washed cottons & hungarian embroidery. the two joined forces to create the one & only kawaiian lion whilst knocked up with their first baes. after two seasons under our the house of kawaii, laura left to shake her own bespoke tail feather - namely kinga csilla.

we could not think of a better girl to welcome you into the groove of the new year. lau is perhaps one of the most talented designers we know with a real penchant for all those tiny details which make your fave summer smock ridiculously special yet completely wearable all at the same time.

q & a with laura 

when we first met it was at an staff photoshoot. i was wearing a white fur coat and red platforms & dee was (barely) wearing denim knickers. it was awkward love at first sight. 

we started working together on kawaiian lion circa 2013, the year our girls were born. my tie at kawaiian was a good time but not a long time. it was a fun year designing & developing the brand together. kawaiian was definitely the first step into creating my own label & gave me confidence to create kinga.

kinga csilla is a hungarian girls name. kinga is a derivative of star, like stella. she’s a muse of sorts, inspired by my family heritage & our history of travel through the silk road. 

you pronounce it like king-ah silla. unless you're my dad, who pronounces it in actual hungarian. 

my favourite outfit as a kid was a fred bare striped denim cut offs & hungarian folk blouses.

on the weekends we swim in the manly dam and go for lazy breakfasts - yes, i meant to use the plural. 

what i have learnt about boys is that they love smooches & food. that boys are really that different to girls. 
kurt or dave? dave. drummer. please. 
wayne or garth. garth. 
ernie or bert. you can’t break a love like theirs.  both. 
a scene from a film that lingers is bill murray in a japanese hospital talking to a blind old lady. “aaaaa-soh!”. perhaps a comment on how seriously i take life.
the best spot to hang in our home is my bed! it gets lots of sun & my babies love rumbling & messing up my kawaiian nights doona. some days we languish in big clouds of linen til’ late morning.
the lyrics that play on my mind. baby, we were born to run. 
the ultimate shade of white is a warm vintage whites & washed distressed blacks. if it looks lived in i like it.

timber of choice. do I really need to answer this one? i'm fashion baby! *multiple tears falling emoji face*

in over ten years of designing what i have learnt about girls is that we change. it might be a change of taste as we grow a little older & wiser & our body shape evolves. if i can design a piece of clothing that will last through that change then i feel i have done it justice - it's better for your finances, your wardrobe shelf life & the planet.

my fave kawaiian piece. my morning of the sun leather pouch & my block print les palmiers pillowcases & the land of liberty flag in old glory red. i love them all - i really do.

my mama always told me. do it yourself.

i always tell my kids. i love them & they are amazing.

x x 

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