monday muse :: amy a from the paradise collector

monday muse :: amy a from the paradise collector

say aloha to amy avalon :: lady of grace & the paradise collector  + mama of zev & ziggy

amy is one of them girls you have an instant rapport with - upon eyeing off her excellent kilim print shorts, ridiculously good looking boys in their ‘fear and loathing’ mismatched vibes and her infectiously friendly demeanour. but heck, when you’re in your 30’s and have two babes and a label, making rad girl friends is not at the top of the priority list. so where opportunity strikes, we call upon amy to grace us with her natural good vibes and earthy mama presence.

our first kawaiian nights campaign shot at the wonderfully ramshackled 150 year old beach shack in north avalon beach in new south sales with our fave lady photographer luisa brimble. amy and 2 year old ziggy rumbled & rolled in our 100% french flax linen in our 100% dude friendly certified shades of whitewash & storm & dusk & indigo. 
q + a with amy a
my favourite outfit as a kid was a black cap sleeve leotard paired with a blue silk rah-rah skirt. i would style it around my neck a la poncho style or as a off-the-shoulder ruffle like a flamenco dancer.
on my days off 

i love long weekends on the boat exploring pittwater, fishing + swimming with the boys.

what i have learnt about boys
they like to wrestle, rumble, climb and play funny tricks on one another.
kurt (cobain) or dave (grohl)  
kurt and his poetic grungey ways.
the best spot to hang in our home
on the deck lazying on the day bed, listening to reggae + watching the cockatoos in the gumtrees.
my fave shade of kawaiian nights linen
obsessed with storm.
my mama always told me
how much she loves me.
i always tell my boys
how much they are loved and how lucky i am to be their mama. 

x x the kawaii club  x x 
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