kl x drifter surf

kl x drifter surf

we are super stoked to present to you our new range of tees created with the fine folks at drifter surf.

drifter is a surf emporium that is renowned for supporting independent labels & their dedication to creativity, quality & individual style. 

this collection of kawaiian lion x drifter tees are made in memory of kawa leaf — the original kawa-iian lion who passed into spirit world in 2017.

in honour of our star child we are giving back to the balinese community with part proceeds going towards charity - the jodie o’shea house - an orphanage that is 100% funded by the kindness of friends & folks. you can learn more about this charity here https://www.careforkidsbali.com/

“children are the future. teach them well & let them lead the way. show them all the beauty they posess inside” — whitney houston 

may you always make waves not war. 

may the porpoise of life always lead you. 

love is here to stay. 

x x love the kawaii club x x


threads //  @kawaiian_lion x @drifterbali 

styling // @kawa_heart_studio

photos // @tarshphotography

location // leighton beach wa 

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