monday muse :: julia w from gunn & swain

monday muse :: julia w from gunn & swain

say aloha to julia wheeler.

our mama day muse + creator @gunnandswain + mama to gram & lizzy 

jules is like the ultimate grown up version of the underground california girl. you know, the anti-it girl. the girl who rocks up to parties dressed up as wayne & makes her dude be garth. who knows all the lyrics to that obscure rock album from 70’s & could be found scouring every market & artisan town around to seek epic treasure for her store gunn & swain.

in my american university dream sequence she would be my fresh room dorm mate. we could crank up sublime, borrow each other’s skater fit overalls, eat fish taco’s erryday & see who could accumulate the best vintage americana sweatshirt collection. 

q + a with julia w 

gunn & swain is all about collecting & creating treasures from near & far with beachy bohemian vibes.

my favourite outfit as a kid was from the boys section. an oversized tee from the skate shop and my dad’s old 501s, cinched up with a guatemalan belt. sounds way cooler than it actually looked.

the lyrics that play on my mind is currently ‘pretty pimpin’.  

“i woke up this morning. didn’t recognize the man in the mirror. then i laughed and i said oh silly me, that’s just me.then i proceeded to brush some strangers teeth. but they were my teeth, and i was weightless. then saturday came around and i said who’s this stupid clown blocking the bathroom sink?. it’s funny and deep rolled into one” — kurt vile. 

i am extremely drawn to the era of 1977 - the best year of rock and roll. but i also loved it when we brought back the '60s in the '90s. it’s fun seeing that come back around. overalls and sunflowers 4 life.

i have learnt that boys like to overthink their outfits even though it just looks like they are just wearing a t-shirt & jeans.

i have learnt that girls like to shred at all things without always getting the credit they deserve.

wayne or garth? wayne’s big dreams & garth’s shred skills. i like to play.

beavis or butthead? butthead. that cornholio dude had no chill.

bill or ted? william s preston esquire. #excellent

the best thing about living in california is sunshine and (mostly) laid back vibes.

my mama always told me to kill 'em with kindness. 

i always tell my babies that love is the most important thing - not things. my son & his collection of lego disagree with me on that but we will get there.

my all time fave kawaiian piece is love is an island. as the kids say these days it’s iconic.

my kawaiian pick for mama’s day would be 

1. hibiscus tote (it’s like the on trend mesh market bags but way more style points) 

2. morning of the sun pouch to stash my coins for noah’s arcade. it’s hip, it’s fresh. 

3. war is dumb! flag. because it’s literally the dumbest thing ever and we still have not learned that yet. hair peace. bed peace, man.

x x 

photographer / @sanfordcreativephotohome / @gunnandswainfurniture / @rael made homewares / @kawaiian_lion

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